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The Build connects local contractors & distributors via an online marketplace

Contractors leverage The Build software to generate a comprehensive material lists for their projects, inorder to receive distributor quotes. Through automated integration, the distributor promptly responds with a detailed quote thereby streamlining the customer experience.

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Let Us Help you Build your Business

Why should you use
"The Build"

Receive fast responses
to your bids

Never wait longer than 4 hours
for client feedback.

Improve cash flow and cut down
on administrative costs

The Build partners with Stripe to ensure secure payments
and streamline recordkeeping.

Expand your business by getting
new opportunities

Quote/bid projects you normally
wouldn't have access to.

Seamlessly track
your deliveries

Let us assist you in digitally automating
your delivery logistics.

Quote Tracking & Insights

How does it work

  • New lead appears
    in your web app

    Review 100’s of material lists submitted by contractors looking for building material.

  • Submit Quote

    Choose a material list you wish to quote on. Enter the products unit price. Provide any additional details if applicable and submit your quote.

  • Quote Accepted!
    Set Delivery Details

    Seamless transition from point of sale to the execution of delivery. Customers receive automated notifications informing them a quote has been received at which point they will have 4 hrs to accept or reject the proposed quote.

  • Receive

    Cash in your account
    within 2 business day.

The Build EcoSystem

We’re all playing
on the same team

What about the money?

Safe and easy payments

Teaming up with Stripe provides The Build with a secure digital platform to automate the transfer of money between parties.

Multitude of leads each day

Don't waste time looking for new clients.
Every List created by a contractor is a chance for a successful Bid.

our features

Distributor's app features

Choose your products

Choose the product categories you want to sell.

Transaction history

Automated detailed record keeping.

Delivery zones

Set your own delivery zones and product categories.


All deliveries neatly scheduled on an easy to read calendar


Ability to easily re-quotes on material lists.


Automated reminders to keep you on track and save you time.

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Decided you want to join? Drop us a line and we'll do the rest. There are no monthly subscription fees or start up fees.

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